Just the Basics

Just the Basics                


This specially designed package includes everything you need for set up and take down, specifically for venues that do not offer these services.  It’s great for couples who do not want to burden friends or family to  set up  tables, centerpieces, or decor before the ceremony or be responsible for cleaning up at the end of the night. Everyone can enjoy every special moment, from helping the bride get ready to enjoying the last dance. Commonly, wedding venues allow only a few hours for set up before the event, making it difficult for close friends and family to be with the bride before the ceremony.   This package includes staff to complete set up before the event and return once the event is over, for clean up. This is a great package meant to ease out any responsibilities from family members and friends in the beginning and at the end of the event.

All vendors and material should be secured prior to wedding date.

  • Coordinate with wedding venue  before the event.
  • Day of event set up centerpieces, tables, DYI backdrop, chairs, welcome table, favors table, gift table and other decor.
  • Take down all decor and tables at the end of the night and ensure rental companies pick up   all materials corresponding to them.
  • Make sure one family member is assigned to pick up all gifts at the end of the night.
  • Total of 4 staff members for up to two hours set up before the event and one hour clean up after the event. 

Starting at $700

Subject to travel fee for events 25 miles from zip code 90280.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to learn more about the Just the Basics package!