It Rained on My Wedding Day


Must-Haves for a Possible Rainy Wedding Day:

Nobody in sunny California, and I mean NOBODY, wants it to rain on their wedding day.  We want the nice bright signature sun with a cool breeze that gracefully hits at the perfect moment for a ‘veil in the mid air’ photo shot. Or, a twinkle of sunlight as it’s setting while both our silhouettes are leaning towards a kiss would be perfect.

But what do we do when there’s even the slightest chance of pouring rain? How do we prepare for it?

Below is a list of must-haves in case of a rainy wedding day.

  • Venue Plan B (because Plan A just got washed away, literally) – If you’re planning your wedding between the months of November- March (even some of April), make sure your venue has a back up plan for the outdoor ceremony or reception. Have this conversation with your venue representative before you make the deposit. Most venues offer indoor options, some even offer a tent for these types of emergencies, but there are venues out there that do not have outdoor options, causing the wedding to potentially be postponed or almost changed entirely.

We booked our venue six months in advance. There were no signs of rain until about two weeks before the wedding day (great for the drought but not what I wanted for my wedding day). I panicked. I hadn’t talked to the venue about potential rain when we booked, it was almost laughable to talk about rain during a severe drought. No way, no how! I mean, I hope it rains in Southern California but I doubt it will be on my wedding day. Pshhhh, was I wrong. I paid very close attention to the forecast as the day got closer and closer. And more and more, I began to accept, It will not only rain on my wedding day… It was be the biggest storm in 7 years! Sunny the day before, and gloomy the day after, but FLOODS and constant rain fall the day of.  Luckily, our wedding venue had an indoor option. It was not my preferred but everyone was dry during the ceremony and reception.

  • Umbrellas (cute ones) –  Make sure you have a few umbrellas for the bride and groom and the wedding party. Don’t bring just any umbrella, it’s your wedding! Make them part of your celebration. Make sure you consult with your wedding photographer about umbrellas, they might have suggestions of which would be good for wedding photos. For example, clear umbrellas make a good rainy wedding couple shot. You can also add an umbrella that matches your wedding color theme. If your budget permits, purchase a lot of small umbrellas for your guests during the ceremony. Ask them to return them and you can try to get rid of them on apps like Offer-Up or Let go.

Clear Umbrellas  on Amazon for $18 (also available at Target)

Color Umbrellas on Amazon

We bought two umbrellas for our wedding-a clear one and a purple one to match our spring color theme (yes, during a storm). The photographer took some great shots with both, but I’m so glad we got the purple one because at night, the clear umbrella didn’t look good in the photos.

  • Rain Boots (or extra shoes because they will get soaked) – Don’t worry, you will wear your pair of Badgley Mischka as you walk down the aisle and dance the first dance but make sure you keep them dry as your getting to the venue. Take an extra pair of shoes. On the up-side, you can have your photographer take some fun and silly photos of you with your rain boots. Get them in a color that match your wedding theme for a complete wedding look!

My lesson learned – I did not take rain boots (or extra rain-friendly shoes). So, even during  the 1-2  minute walk to the venue, my wedding shoes got soaked. During the ceremony, I was in the moment  where nothing but him and I mattered, but there were points were I felt the discomfort of wearing wet heals.

  • Hand Towels (because you’ll need someone to pat you dry) – You can ask your Day-of Coordinator or a close family member that will be with you after your contact with the rain to have it handy for you. It won’t dry you up completely, but at least you’ll be patted dry enough to just add that rain drop glow and not drips all over your dress or his suit.

Because of the rain, I added an overlay to my dress. But, I didn’t think to have a hand towel around (or someone with a hand towel). That 1 minute out in the rain before my ceremony,  soaked my sleeves. I tried to carefully pat with a paper towel, but was worried the detailed applique would come off (that was probably just my paranoia) I do wish i had a hand towel to pat my dress and face.

  • Your sense of Humor (because the couple’s personality throughout the day, sets the tone for the whole event). Yup, you and your fiance are the main attraction. Guests will pay attention to the rain as much as you will. Which means, the less attention that you give to the rain (in a negative way) the less attention they will also give to the rain. They will be too busy paying attention to the fun, free spirited newlyweds. And If you want to make rain part of your wedding (because if it’s raining -it already is part of your day) incorporate it in a fun way!

Remember to not let the rain spoil one of the most important memories you’ll have together. Be flexible and make it part of your day. You’ll look back and think of how unique it made your wedding day and maybe even laugh about it!

For us, it was the largest storm in 7 years that resulted in the appropriate hashtag: #HurricaneCalba (our bennifer name is calba) 🙂